Story Submission Paperwork

Except here in the 21st Century, we don’t have to use paper anymore.

First, thank you for telling your story! I believe story is the best way to communicate ideas, and for readers to understand what other people go through.

But then there are the lawyers. To stay on the up and up and provide clarity, the following form explains exactly what it is you’re agreeing to by letting us publish your story, and this form has to be fully completed before your story can be published. All fields are required: the form “won’t let you” submit it if there are any blanks.

If you have any questions you can pop me a note.

What I Need

Please be sure you have sent:

  • Your story! You can send it within the body of an email, or attach a Microsoft Word or Wordperfect file to an email.
  • The In Short line for the top — generally 1-3 words to summarize your emotional response to the story you’re telling.
  • The illustration/photo for your story (if you’re providing one), or the URL for a suggested image in the appropriate spot below. If in doubt, larger is better! I can always make a picture smaller.
  • Your short bio for the bottom of the story.
  • Your suggestion for one or two categories it should run under. See the List of Categories to see what fits.
  • And, of course, the form below — all fields are required to have something in them.
Leave this field blank

Thank you for telling your story so that others can understand What It’s Like to experience a bit of your life.

Upon successful submission you will automatically be sent a copy of this form at the address provided.

—Randy Cassingham for ThisIsTrue.Inc

One Last Thing

I Highly Encourage you to subscribe to the comments on your story once it’s published. And, when it calls for it, feel free to respond to questions and reader comments. If you’re subscribed to new story notifications, you’ll be alerted pretty quickly after your story posts, too.

What the form looks like on each story page.