Medium How-To

I’m happy for you to submit your story yourself on Medium. Don’t count on any money, but then “you never know” as WiLt gets more and more popular! Here’s how to do it.

First, make sure you opt in to Medium’s “Partner Program” (which enables you to get paid).

Then, assuming you’ve sent me your Medium username, I will add you as a Contributor there. You should get a notification when this is done. That needs to happen before you proceed. Then (click any of the helper images to make them larger)…

  1. Please use the edited version Randy sends you verbatim. If you make ANY changes, please let Randy know exactly what changes were made.
  2. Click into the title area and put in the full title exactly as it is on the edit version: What It’s Like to Do Your Thing
  3. First line of story: the “In Short” part, including the period at the end: In Short: Awesome. Then highlight (select) that whole line and, in the popup, click the smaller of the two T icons: that sets that line as the subtitle. (It’s always smart to have a subtitle on every Medium story, since they show it in listings.)
  4. I will add the photo before publication, so don’t worry about that part.
  5. Paste in your story, including your bio at the bottom.
  6. Click the “3-dot” menu in the upper right and choose “Add to Publication” (see below), choose What It’s Like to, then Select and Continue. Notice the green “Publish” button now says “Submit”.
  7. Once everything is in, click the green “Submit” button in the upper right.
  8. Choose up to 5 “Tags” that describe your story to help readers find it. The number by each tag shows how many people are “following” that subject — the higher the number shown, the better! If you can’t come up with all 5 don’t worry: I’ll review them and maybe add others.
  9. Once done tagging, make sure the “Meter my story” checkbox is selected. IF NOT, pause here and make sure you’re enrolled in the “Medium Partner Program” and come back. Then, click the Submit to Publication button.
  10. I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled.


The “Add to Publication” part:

The “Tagging” process:

Note “Publish” has changed to “Submit”. Tagging is then in the next screen.
Start typing subject concepts and choose what seems apt.

Then the final Submission:

Make sure the “Meter my story” checkbox is checked. If it’s not there, something is wrong. Stop and go back to make sure you’re enrolled in the Partner Program.

Whew! All done. It seems complicated, but when you actually do it, it’s pretty straightforward.