The Concept

I’m Randy Cassingham, one of the first online publishers ever (starting with my flagship This is True in early 1994).

What It’s Like to… is my newest site. I call it WiLt for short. It tells real stories of what it’s really like to do …whatever. Save a Life. Be a Surgeon. Pave a Road.

Of course, many wonder about “negative” things too — What It’s Like to Notify a Family of a Death. Lose a Child. Serve on a Murder Jury.

The Site Takes Submissions: While I’ve done a lot of things in my life I certainly don’t know it all, so part of the idea is to be a platform to allow readers to tell their own stories, which are then professionally edited for a smooth flow. Please think about telling one or more of your stories — we all have them, and others are interested. The Submission Guidelines has details.

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Stories Coming Soon:

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